Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Wonderfuls

Wonderful #1

September 25
this little guy came into our family
Weston Robert Clark
(you may sigh)

Wonderful #2

Adam Jeffrey recieved his mission call to Oaxaca, Mexico.
He leaves on February 4 and he will be wonderful.

Bonnie is convinced that after these two wonderfuls in one year, she must have a third in the form of a wedding...I'm not so sure


Danielle and Preston said...

I'M SURE. you're next miss kristen. congrats on all the wonderfulness. happy happy. love your face.

shannon said...

#1: adorable
#2: terrific
#3: propects?

let's lunch. PLEASE? call me.

Rob and Mare said...

Yay! I love him so much! You are such a good aunt. Thanks for helping me out so much. Good times!
And I'm so excited for Adam. We're going to miss him though.
And last, no one needs to get married yet. Plus Rob and I were set on having the first grandbaby. Done. Now our goal is to have the first grand daughter;) haha. So no hurry:)

The Wimmer 4 said...

I love all of those things. All of them.

Erik and Jessica said...

Hey! How is everything? My husband served his mission in Oaxaca! That is so super exciting! Hope all is just wonderful with you!