Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Part 3: Pray this will be the last one

Because one's company, two's a crowd, but three's a party.


Danielle and Preston said...

Oh my so adorable!!! Kristen this is not fair. First it was Lulu, now him. Ah, one day i will be able to have cute little babies like that. I'm coming to see cute little "Doug" ha ha. Silly Bonnie.

The Wimmer 4 said...

1. So adorable
2. I definately think you need one of Maggie's. You are so great with them. And who else could we trust, really?
and C. I love that the background on your blog matches the wallpaper in Bonnie's laundry room so well. You are so classy. Just like our dear Bon-Bon. (Don't ever tell her I called her that)

Kelly said...

It's like I leave home and I don't know you any more. Since when did you become the Dog Whisperer? But the party part - that was always in you.