Saturday, February 14, 2009

Subway vs. Metro

A few reason as to why I love Washington DC's metro system and HATE New York's
  1. New York calls it a subway... that just irks me
  2. New York's subway is the dirtiest place in the world while DC's is the cleanest... well the cleanest place underground. 
  3. There are people who actually live in the New York subway and never come out! If you don't believe me just go down there, you will either see a real subway person or the evidence of their underground life. 
  4. DC has little signs that tell you what train is coming and how many minutes you have to wait. In New York you wait for twenty minutes and then if you are lucky an announcement will be made stating the train will not be there for another twenty minutes. 
  5. Just yesterday I saw a man who looked like a woman and a woman who looked like a man in the New York subway. Imagine my confusion.
  6. You are likely to contract a number of incurable diseases in the New York subway. 
Needless to say, take a taxi when in New York. Don't risk your personal health and sanity. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Faux Real

Obviously I have recently renamed my blog. Let me offer a little explanation for those who are not accustomed to this term. Amongst my family and close friends I am not seen as an adult/"real" person. It's been this way since I can remember and I hope it stays. Here are the facts.
  • I am 22
  • In 2 months time I will graduate with a bachelors degree
  • I moved out of the parents house at age 18
  • I have held a job all through my college years
  • I am currently living in Washington DC

I believe these events would constitute any normal person as "real." But not me, oh no there is much more to me. No matter how old I get or the numerous adventures I undertake, some things will never change.

  • People will always be shocked to find that A. I am capable of working, and B. until my recent move, I have had the same legitimate job for 3 years.
  • Although I pay for the majority of my life, my dad always ends up funding things like new shoes...sometimes without his knowledge.
  • All my siblings take good care of me. This may be bold but it's possible that I am the darling of the family.
  • I am what you may call a young spirit. So in the mindset of those closest to me I am more 17 than 22.
  • No matter how old I get the parents will always want me to move back in with them.

So you see, by normal standards I am a "real" person but this does not suit me. It is much better to continue shocking everyone by accomplishing what "real" people consider normal life events. These life events may be normal but when you're faux real they're extraordinary!