Monday, April 13, 2009

My Life

I recently, as in two days ago, moved back from Washington D.C. and now must discover what to do with the rest of my life. I am graduating from BYU, why they let me out so soon is beyond me. People want me to get a "real" job. Certain cities want my sarcasm and charm, certain cities don't. Someone wants me to pick out a new car. Some want me to stay at home forever, some want me to leave asap. All these decisions need to be made...but they are certainly not going to be made by me.

Instead I am going to spend the summer traveling. I have many options: Hawaii, Lake Powell, Europe, California, New York, Havasuppi etc. I am not going to get a part time job nor am I going to apply for any "real" jobs. Why would I want to be tied down? I am going to let someone just give me a car. And I am going to travel from the homestead to friends couches thus eliminating the need for an apartment or a decision as to which city to live in.

Just because I am graduating does not mean I need to grow up. Why start now anyways? I love being faux real!