Monday, June 22, 2009

My Child

Yes it's true...I have a child. I thought it was something that only happened to other, more negligent single people. But no. When it comes, it comes fast and unexpected. I feel all the pains and expenses of parenthood through my aged golden retriever. 11 years ago I named him Sunny because we procured him in Sun Valley, Idaho. (This was before I had the personality to come up with a more creative name) But he has been the best dog ever. The type to run alongside cars entering and exiting the driveway with no thought to his own personal safety. One with a most dangerous ever-wagging tail that has the possibility of knocking out a three year old. And a lovable gaurd dog who would most likely greet a burgler and assist in carrying things out of the house.

My life now revolves around Sunny who has arthritis accompanied by a perpetual limp, infections on his front paws from licking too much, a very suspicious lump on the side of his body, and a thyroid problem that zaps all his energy and inhibits his ability to grow hair in certain areas. So as a loving parent I make sure I am home at two specific times of the day to administer his pills. Which I purchase every 2 weeks for $155! Keeping in mind that if the pills are not given to him in a certain manner, he will spit them back up, causing me to find them on the garage floor and try again. Pills that expensive cannot be wasted. He follows me around waiting for his treats that make his breath smell good. If I am in his sight and am not petting him he paws at my leg until I start. And if I ever touch a cat, he jealously pushes his face next to mine, often stepping on the cat to do so. And on top of it all I take him to the vet twice a month where the other dogs mock my poor baby for his lack of hair and overall sorry presentation. But I love him and will keep taking care of him until he dies...which may be very soon.

Here is where I would post a picture of him but he has already been humiliated enough in real life with his bald spots and cone of shame that I do not want to slander his name on the internet as well. But this is what he once looked like. Love him