Monday, September 29, 2008

Back-flips and swings

Today as I was watching my favorite group of 6th graders do back-flips off the swings I began reminiscing about all my funny moments at Rock Canyon and wishing someone could laugh with me. Luckily one of my assignments for my educational technology class is a blog so here I am. Anyways I was watching the kids do back-flips which sounds dangerous and if you're thinking I, as a responsible teacher shouldn't allow these acrobatic playground feats, well you would hate to stop them too. They are just too fun. For example...
A. Mason made me watch him do a flip over Jordan's head right after he told me I was beautiful and cool.
B. After I removed my jacket Ben promptly put it on and received all sorts of compliments about how awesome his new jacket was. I wasn't aware I was wearing elementary boy's fashions. C. Ky invited me to his football game tonight where his team was going to kill Britton's team. (Britton obviously disagreed)
D. Jenny and Haylie thought the on going flag football game was completely out of hand and so appointed themselves as the official refs. The way they were calling things I'm pretty sure they were Pac 10.
E. Weslee never misses the days when I wake up late, stating that I don't look so good without make-up. (She is also the one who constantly informs me that I need to get married)
F. They also often email, text, and occasionally call me. I don't know how they got my contact info but I'm not surprised. G. As soon as they use the phrase but you're the cool teacher they know they can get away with just about anything, short of harming a fellow eleven year old.

I could keep going but I trust that is enough to make my point. Elementary kids are hilarious!