Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Reel

How I've spent my summer:
  • I pool daily
  • I hike rarely
  • I coached Team Deathstar on to dominating victory
  • I choreographed this little beauty (needless to say we won gold)

  • I make homemade oreos on a daily basis
  • I sang at the Days of '47 Rodeo (in a diamond studded, red leather belt)

  • I watch every Marilyn Monroe movie I can find
  • I was treated to numerous pedicures (never doing my own toes again)
  • I threw Kelly a fabulous shower (complete with new shoes for every place she'd lived)

  • I boat frequently
  • I flew to California only to drive back the next day
  • And to top it all off I attended the most wonderful wedding of the season
All in all quite an enjoyable and successful way to spend a summer


Raechel said...

Glad I had the privilege of doing about 75% of those things with you! Thanks for making what could have been a terrible summer, a great one!

Chris and Hay said...

You have quite the life girl! Glad to hear you're still singing and spending time at the pool! Miss you!

Kelly said...

you failed to include your 2 weeks incarceration making things for my wedding and shower. best summer ever. thanks for all your help!

Rob and Mare said...

You are the BEST little shower planner. It was amazing! And you did awesome singing as well. (loved the belt!)
Can Jeff and Kelly get married again?:)

The Wimmer 4 said...

I love your summer. And I love you. Could you please post a video of the singing since I missed it? Thanks.

Of course there was only one thing missing from both of our summers and I think you know what I mean. Next year my friend, next year -- -- or BUST!